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The land of Tibet is mostly considered to be the highest region of the earth, which has an average elevation of 4900 mtrs above the mean sea level. Tibet lies at the southern part of China, bordered with Nepal and India at its south, India to the west and east. Tibet is one of the most visited places in the world due to its unique landscapes, religion and culture.

Geography of Tibet:

Tibet is a part of China in its southern edge bordered to India and Nepal to the south, India in the east and China mainland in the northern region. Tibet has one of world’s highest mountains including the northern access point of Mt. Everest, the highest mountain of the world. Mt. Everest lies in Nepal, but the northern face can be accessed through Tibetan plateau as well. Numerous Rivers which flow through Nepal as well as other which flow throughout China have their origin in Tibet. Yangtze River, Mekong River, Ganges, Yarlung Zangbo River all have their origination in Tibet.

Religion of Tibet

Tibet is a home of Tibetans and predominantly Buddhist followers are scattered throughout Tibetan plateau with minority of Christians and Muslims. Tibetan Buddhism is sacredly followed also in Mongolia, India, and other countries throughout the world which is a modernized form of Bon religion. The Bon religion is yet practiced in some part of Northern Nepal including the Dolpo region of Nepal. At a part of Tibetan history, many of the monasteries were destroyed which has been rebuilt and a Tibetan Buddhism have been practiced throughout the plateau till date.

Festivals of Tibet

The Tibetan Religion, mostly influenced by the Tibetan Buddhism, calendars many festivals to worship Lord Buddha throughout the year. Tibet has its own calendar and the Tibetans have their own new year isolated from rest of the world. Lhosar is Tibetan New Year. Festivals are celebrated worshipping the goddesses, family gathering and special performances. Specially decorated homes, temples, monasteries bring a unique Tibetan festivity. Dance performances are widely organized in Monlam prayer festival which lies in the first week of the New Year in Tibet.

Places to visit in Tibet

Tibet has growingly becoming one of popular destinations of Asia among the European as well as American tourists. Tibet offers a lot to see. This almost deserted plateau often referred as the “roof of the world” welcomes thousands of tourists to explore the Monasteries, places, localities as well as culture, religion and lifestyle. Mt. Kailash is widely visited every year by the Hindus as well as a remarkable number of Buddhists. Manasarovar Lake, which lies just at the base of Mt. Kailash is a holy pond. It is believed that a dip in this holy river washes away all the ills, dirt’s and diseases. Shakya Monastery is one of Tibet’s oldest and popular monasteries. The Capital city, Lhasa offers beauties of Monasteries, temples markets. Everest base camp, Lhatse, Shigatse, Guge valley, Nam-Tso Lake etc. are visit widely by a number of tourists every year.

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