Himalayan Hideaway Treks (p) Ltd is a group of passionate young travel professionals with many years of accumulated experience in travel trade, organizing and leading groups in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim and other neighboring areas.
We are a company with a passion for our work and commitment to providing our clients with specialized services of the highest quality in a competitive market price. All the staff continuously upgrades their skills, knowledge of the travel trade and the areas we cover on our tours. We take the utmost pride and care in our work for serving tourists.
We operate all tours and trips according to the highest environmental standards. We encourage all the valued travelers taking their tours and trips to the less often used routes to preserve the natural environment, giving you the opportunity to experience the rural, undisturbed setting and totally different feeling of your holiday trip.

As ‘a truly Nepali owned’ conscientious company, we believe culture should be a way of life and not an industry. We have set, maintained and continue to build on are already high standards whilst ensuring that those working for us in whatever capacity are happy and well paid in their work. We are members of both the Trekking Agent Association Nature Trails apart from the most stunning scenery in the world works on four main ingredients:
Exceptional, clean and wholesome food on trek, a caring and committed and happy staff team, A whole hearted respect for the environment and local people Not least those who participate on our tours.

Eco- Tourism:
The tourism boom in Nepal, as in other countries, has had a mixed blessing. It has generated a sizeable share of Nepal’s foreign currency revenue but few people in the tourist destinations have experienced an improvement in their standard of living. In fact, for many communities, the influx of visitors has come at a considerable cost.
In numerous places, trekking groups have left littered trails and degraded forest in their wake. Against this alarming backdrop, the practice of ecologically friendly-tourism has been gaining increased momentum – both in Nepal and around the World. Our approach to tourism seeks not only to preserve the environment and culture of a tourist destination but also to be of benefit to the local population…. By fostering environmental awareness, both among locals & visitors and by linking tourism to social and economic development, it is possible to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of an area through the promotion of sustainable tourism. This not only enhances the positive experience of those on holiday it also helps to increase the standard of living of the local residents. Such a lot has been said about environmentally friendly tourism and no doubt a lot more will be. We can say without hesitation that we have, along with a few other trekking companies in Nepal led the way in responsible tours to our Kingdom.

Village Tourism:
In addition to our trekking itineraries, we organize cultural tours and village-to-village walks which are less strenuous but equally as rewarding. We provide the opportunity for you to visit remote villages where you spend more time in a particular destination allowing you a more intimate glimpse into traditional village life;
Village people are generally exceedingly friendly. They welcome you with their hearts and smiles and are always happy to share their music and dance, without it necessarily being for any reason The exchange is reciprocal and villagers will often request our clients to join in with their own songs and dances for the benefit of all.

Our packages are specifically designed to ensure that supplies are secured in the village communities we visit. In this way we are able to support the preservation of the heritage that is Nepalese culture while improving the living standards of the people we visit.

Management Team

Narayan Aryal :
founder of Himalayan Hideaway Treks, Narayan has extensive experience of trekking and tourism in Nepal. He has over the past nine years built steadily on the reputation of the company, which has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the most successful companies, which do not realy on being an agent for the major overseas contractors of holidays to Nepal.
Narayan is a keen environmentalist and a firm believer in Eco Tourism; his philosophy has always been to be actively involved in all aspects of the company. He still leads treks on occasions especially to high altitude in order to remain in touch with both his staff and clients on the ground. A proud Nepali he is very keen to see the uplifting of the general populous and donates his time and money and energy to realising his aim.

Ram Hari Aryal:
Ram Harai, Manager Sales and Marketing of the Company… has vast experience, of more than 8 years, in handling tours, treks And Safari tours in Nepal. Mr. Aryal entered the travel trade in 1994 and was previously the Manager at Rhino Lodge in Bardia. Mr. Aryal is fluent in English.